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You know you’re from Sweden when… Part 2

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51. You are obsessed with health issues. Everything is bad unless it comes from sweden, in which case its ok.
52. You could survive on just fish and prawns, and still manage to have a different dish for every meal for a month. Oh, and you even put it in cake.
53. You find it normal to have to go to a special store that is owned by the government, that’s only open during daytime to buy a bottle of wine, or other alcoholic beverages.
54. You constantly try to avoid meeting your neoghbours in the stairwell.
55. You split the check by the exact penny after eating at a restaurant.
56. You try to explain ”The Law of Jante” to non-Swedes..!
57. You don’t mind waking up way too early during the first 24 days of December in order to watch 15 minutes of TV’s annual Advent Calendar.
58. You find the idea of wall to wall carpets in bathrooms and toilets simply appalling.
59. You just don’t ”orka”…
60. You think you understand Danish.
61. The Danish think you understand Danish.
62. Ultimatley, when spoken, you don’t really understand Danish.
63. You thought wall to wall carpets was a concept of the past or the ferrys to Finland/Estonia/Germany/Denmark. Then you went abroad and realised that you were wrong.
64. You don’t even realise that you speak/write Swenglish whenever you speak/write to Swedish people.
65. You die a little inside if you don’t get your weekly ransion of ”Mamma Scans Kottbullar”.
66. You think that everyone is allowed to walk in any field or forrest. And when people abroad tell you it’s private land, you don’t understand and say ”But, what about Allemansratten?”
67. You expect people to be drinking atleast a bottle each of vodka, and think that’s normal.
68. Your ideal breakfast consists of a slice of bread with egg och kalles kaviar, och a big cup of oboy…
69. You drink black espresso without sugar, believing that is what you do in Italy, and actually believe that you like it…
70. After having realized that someone is standing on your foot in the subway, you think that the best idea is to not say anything at all or maybe cough or nod a little in order to attract the attention of the person standing on your foot.
71. You find non-scandinavians so loud and noisy but find it perfectly normal to get completely wasted, ”bröla”, sing along to ”när vi gräver guld i usa…” and piss in public, when you’re abroad and partying with non-scandinavians.
72. You secretly consider Sweden the best place on earth and that Swedes are the most intelligent and beautiful people in the world.
73. You know who Bamse is, and love him with all of your heart.
74. You take a sip of Strongbow, frown, and state that there’s nooo way that the yellow sludge they call cider really is cider..
75. You refuse to belive that snuff or ”snus” is harmful.
76. Since snuff ”isn’t harmful”, you can’t understand why no one except the swedes use it…
77. You think that all things Astrid Lindgren ever wrote, sums up all the good things about being Swedish.
78. You have become addicted to Playahead/Lunarstorm/Helgon and/or Bilddagboken.
79. Your favourite site for games and videos is Hamsterpaj.net.
80. Seeing a young woman with lit candles stuck to her head no longer disturbs you.
81. You wake up with BIG hang-overs on the days after April 30th (Valborg) and December 13th (Lucia).
82. you have, with some measure of success, spoken rövarspråket.
83. You are stuck in front of your TV watching curling during every Olmpic Games.
84. You actually understand the rules of curling.
85. You have been accused of being from Switzerland. Repeatedly.
86. You refer to some internationally famous Swedes by their nicknames, even when speaking to bewildered non-Swedes who have no clue what you are talking about.(I.e: ”Svennis” (Sven-Goran Ericsson) and ”Henke” (Henrik Larsson).
86. You cried when Henke Larsson cut his hair.
87. You just love singing ”snapsvisor” while drinking any kind of alcohol.
88. You would rather stand up on the bus for an hour than bother the person who’s handbag is currently occupying the last available seat.
89. You would never use public transportation without a valid ticket, even though it’s ridiculously overpriced.
90. You happily engage in a conversation about the weather.
91. You cannot see why the first floor you walk in to should be called anything but the first floor, and the next one up the second, and so on, and you get confused by this in every multi-storey building you enter.
92. You generally consider the pre-party better than the night out in a club that follows.
93. You cry of nostalgy and happiness thinking about Peter ”Foppa” Forsberg’s penalty in the ice-hockey final, Olympic Games in Lillehammer 1994.
94. You look forward all year for August when you get to gather your friends, put on stupid paper hats, drink Vodka, sing and eat crayfish.
95. You don’t mind women using the men’s bathroom in clubs if the queue to the ”Ladies” is long.
96. You go abroad on vacation and first things first try to localize a Swedish bar and restaurant.
97. You LOVE Carola and knows almost all her songs by heart even though she’s a bit of a freak these days.
98. It still disturbs you that Carola did not win the Eurovision Song Contest the first time around she participated, back in -83.
99. ou get chills down your spine thinking about the ”Flour-tant”.
100. It’s totally ok to stop working for a while when Anja is skiing in an important competition and instead join your colleagues in front of the TV which somebody brought.


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